From Waste Services, Rockingham Council

I have never come across a product in the waste industry that actually works to expectations and the requirements for effective odour control and the fact in which it is also environmentally safe is a bonus. The product was trialled with a bin from our dedicated fish cleaning area and was in my experience one of the most rancid bins I have ever come across. A couple of scoops and the bin was smelling fresh and new again. These bins are changed out regularly from the area and have to be disposed off in landfill as even our plastic recyclers do not want them. Since commencing with Bin Bombs we haven’t replaced a bin there yet. The granules are also used in the rear of our trucks to minimise odour issues when the trucks are driving through our cafe strip.

Using Bin Bombs has solved an ongoing issue of odours associated with the storage and collection of waste. By placing a half cup of bin Bombs behind the blade of our rear loading waste collection trucks, it enables the vehicle to traverse the main tourist precincts and alfresco areas without worrying the pedestrians and patrons with odour, especially that odour cloud that hangs around even after the truck leaves the area.

Bin Bombs have been trialled successfully on two laneways that are between two licensed premises to control the urine odour issue. More trials to be conducted for the whole of the upcoming summer period.

There are several areas within the City, one of which you saw today, which turn over a high number of bins due to the contents placed into them. The one inspected today was the fish cleaning facility at Point Peron. Last summer we had to bury in landfill 5 x 240ltr bins and the year before 6 x 240ltr bins. Since using Bin Bombs we have replaced none of the 8 x 240ltr bins onsite and do not expect to have to replace any this summer. Not only is this a cost savings to the City by not having to replace any bins there but also by not having to bury the bins and lose valuable landfill airspace, but a great environmental one. The City recycles all of their old bins but unfortunately in the past the recycling contractor has requested that these particular bins do not be dropped off due to the odour issues so now when the bins are past their prime or split I will be able to have them chipped and reused into other plastic products and not buried in landfill.

– Paul Molony
Waste Services Co-ordinator
City of Rockingham

I approached Binforce because of constantly having a bad smell coming from our bins & especially our grease trap.

Binforce helped our business by not only cleaning our bins but by supplying Bin Bombs. The results were immediate just by sprinkling 2 scoops of Bin Bombs into the smelly grease trap & by adding 2 scoops into the bottom of the bins.

Another thing I like about the Bin Bombs is that they are made from natural raw materials & are fully biodegradable, meaning no harm to the environment! Also Bin Bombs contain a natural insect repellent which is ideal for the grease trap as it attracts insects with its smell.

I would highly recommend Binforce to any business that needs their smelly grease traps & bins left with a fresh & pleasing fragrance.

Craig Gordon
QA Manager

Just a quick note to let you know how your bin bombs are working. Fabulous is a word that comes to mind. This product is as good as you say it is. I’m using it in most of our public litter bins, especially around our dog parks and walking trails. Some of these bins are pretty high on the stinky scale especially in a heat wave, and your product absorbs and deodorises literally within seconds. I also use it at home in the cat tray. We have five indoor cats fully grown, all using the same dirt tray, so you can imagine the ammonia, not to mention the rest of it. Again, the bin bombs wipe out the smell literally in seconds.

I cannot recommend this product strongly enough, and I do, every chance I get.

Thanks again.

Have a Happy New Year!
Mick Johnson
Team Leader Recycling – City of Tea Tree Gully

Thank you for introducing you ‘bin bombs’ product to our business. We have been using the product for many weeks now and it has made such a difference! The bin room smell has reduced by 80%, we could not be happier – especially leading into summer!

We have also made use of this product in a bathroom with an unpleasant smell – it worked a treat.

Thanks again!

Kind Regards,

Christen Toft
Property Manager